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"I am so blessed to be able to live in such a wonderful place as this for the past 21 months. The food is great, the staff is so helpful and friendly, and the other residents are great people. We have so many activities here so we never get bored or lonely. Another thing I enjoy here is the weekly housekeeping service; I don't have to clean the bathroom, vacuum, or change the bed linens anymore. I can enjoy all of the fun things and they take care of the work!"

– Geri Rucker

"I like Lewisville Estates because all of the people are so friendly. The games are fun and there is always something to do. I enjoy going out to the garden and watching the fish and birds; some of us got to see a roadrunner. I had never seen one before so that was exciting. There is also a hummingbird and a green parakeet."

– Ann Walthhall

"When we arrived at Lewisville Estates ten months ago, we were quite apprehensive to begin a whole new way of life in our old age. However, we were warmly greeted by residents and staff alike. We were most pleasantly surprised with our new apartment and quickly settled into our new home. We have been very contented and happy here."

– The Hatfields

"I have lived at Lewisville Estates for ten months. It was a major decision for me, coming from my own home of many years, to a smaller space and community setting. I have not once regretted the move. The staff is very accommodating; the residents are friendly and welcoming. When wanted or needed, activities are available. This is now Home!"

– Joe Freshnock


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